Tee Box
Fairway (Approach)
1st Cut Rough
2nd Cut Rough
Deep Rough
Hard Sand
Soft Sand
Sand / Brush
Bunker Wall
Bunker Fringe
Light Brush
Medium Brush
Heavy Brush
Water (Lost Ball)
Lost Ball 1 (Thick brush)
Lost Ball 2 (NO PHOTO)
OOB (Out of bounds)

In the options panel, select the course and hole that you wish to view.

If you click on either the aerial image or the surface map above, BOTH will open to fill your browsers width with the surface map being superimposed on top of the aerial image.

Depending on which image you clicked, the surface map will be either fully transparent or fully opaque. The transparency can be adjusted with the slider in the bottom left corner of the expanded view.

The colour key in the expanded view identifies all the different surfaces on the surface map, and it can be dragged over the map to match up the colour swatches with the colours on the map. Releasing your mouse button will 'let go' of the colour key allowing it to return to its original position.

The colour key can be hidden by checking the 'Hide Colour Key' checkbox. (The text activates the checkbox too so you have a fairly big target area for that).

The surface map gives an accurate indication of where the out of bounds and lost ball areas are for each hole

Even though all of the surface maps have a colour key as part of the image, the size of this key varies, and in some cases is barely readable, so that is why I added my own, and being movable, it's infinitely better!

Clicking on either the surface map or aerial picture in the expanded mode, will close the expanded mode and bring you back to this page.